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Hook Logistics × GlobalTranz

Hook Logistics, a new-age, technology-enabled eCommerce and retail fulfillment provider, announced today a formal partnership with GlobalTranz, a leading technology-enabled third-party logistics solution provider offering award-winning technology, people-powered customer service, and extensive multimodal carrier relationships. 

Hook Logistics was formed in 2020 in order to offer a modern, 21st-century fulfillment experience based in both the New York City Metropolitan Area and Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. 

This partnership will allow Hook Logistics to offer GlobalTranz national transportation network for truckload and less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services to its customers. GlobalTranz currently maintains over 50,000 truckload partners and over 120 LTL partners as one of the nation’s largest freight brokerage firms. 

“Our vision is to be the single best operator in the fulfillment space by offering world-class service at the most transparent prices. We deliver a brand-adjacent experience to the new wave of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) businesses crowding everyone’s Instagram and Facebook pages,” said Frazer Kinsley, CEO at Hook Logistics. “This partnership with GlobalTranz brings us one step closer to that goal.” 

GlobalTranz has emerged as a fast-growing market leader with a customer base of over 1 million product users and 25,000 shippers. “We appreciate the trust Hook Logistics has placed in GlobalTranz and are grateful to be selected as their transportation services partner”, said Mike Sutter, SVP of Agent Channel at GlobalTranz. “The GlobalTranz team will work seamlessly with Hook Logistics to deliver impactful supply chain solutions that support continuous growth of Hook Logistics and its customers.” 

“We will continue exploring other partnerships and opportunities with our friends at GlobalTranz,” said Kinsley. “We are extremely excited for where the future will take us.”

About Hook Logistics 

Hook Logistics, founded in 2020, is a third-party logistics provider that’s flipping the fulfillment business on its head with a simple concept: world-class fulfillment at transparent, fair rates. The company’s tech-enabled solution delivers a modern take on the age-old logistics business through its cloud-based warehouse management system and inventory tracker, world-class customer service offerings, and a pricing model that is simple and easy to navigate across all product categories. Its headquarters is in Ridgefield, New Jersey with fulfillment centers on both coasts of the United States. 

About GlobalTranz 

GlobalTranz is a full-service third-party logistics provider, bringing award-winning customer service, exceptional industry expertise and market-leading technology to shippers, carriers, and logistics service providers (LSP). GlobalTranz’s people-powered approach combined with comprehensive, relationship-driven support provides shippers of all sizes with fast and reliable, multi-modal transportation services as well as strategic supply chain solutions – enabling them to optimize efficiency and deliver on business goals. Leveraging its extensive independent agent network, GlobalTranz has emerged as a fast-growing market leader with a customer base of over 1 million product users and 25,000 shippers. In

2021, Transport Topics named GlobalTranz #9 on their list of Top 10 largest freight brokerage firms in the U.S., and in 2020, Inbound Logistics ranked GlobalTranz #4 on their list of Top 10 3PL Providers.

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