E-Commerce Fulfillment

Fulfillment is a major hassle, which is why we like to take it off your plate. Our e-commerce services ensure your orders ship fast without you lifting a finger.

Our E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

Product Receiving
Quality Inspection
Picking & Packing
Drop shipping
Return & Exchanges
Custom Packaging
Subscription Fulfillment
E-Commerce Fulfillment Pricing
500-2,000 monthly shipments
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per shipment fee
Free storage for up to 2 month's average shipment volume.
2,000+ monthly shipments
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$1.00 - 1.50
per shipment fee
Negotiable low cost storage
<500 monthly shipments
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per shipment fee
Free storage for up to 2 month's average shipment volume.
Pricing applies to non-fragile items under 5 lbs. Are your products over 5 lbs and/or fragile?
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How It Works

1. Warehousing 101

To fulfill your orders, we need your inventory. We're happy to use your existing freight forwarder or you can take advantage of our best-in-class shipping rates.

2. Our stack
meets your stack

We provide dozens of integrations with all of the leading e-commerce platforms so we're notified as soon as orders come in.

3. Perfecting the packaging

Choose your packaging from our existing options or design custom boxes that we'll source and print for you.

4. Picked, packed, and prepped

Your customer places an order, and our team immediately starts prepping their shipment.

5. Product on the move

We select the best carrier based on shipping speed and cost savings. We pass on our highly discounted carrier rates because that's what good friends do.

6. The first of many

Your customer is stoked and excited to do business with you again. We'll be looking forward to fulfilling their next order.

7. Customer changed their mind?

A simple and intuitive platform to manage past orders and change current orders is just a click away.

Some of the ways we give back to you

storage fee*
administrative fees
add'l items per order fee
return processing fee
after hours fees
startup fees
order change fees
shipping rates

Our savings =
your savings

We designed our rates to be drop dead simple.

Competitor's Invoice

• Account Opening Fee
• Receiving Fee
• Pick & Pack Fee
• Storage Fee
• Admin Fee
• After Hours Fee
• PO Fee
• Rush Fee
• Order Change Fee
• Base Freight Fee
• Return Fee

Hook Logistics Experience

• Per Shipment Fee — that's it!

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