Retail Fulfillment

Wholesalers of all sizes trust Hook Logistics to get their inventory where it needs to go. Our 99% fulfillment success rate ensures your business will grow as fast as the deals come in.

Our Retail Fulfillment Services

Product Receiving
Quality Inspection
Last Mile Transportation
Carton Picking & Packing
Retail Fulfillment Pricing
Our Retail Fulfillment services are customized to your unique needs. Accordingly, we’d suggest you schedule a consultation with our Logistics Experts so we can prepare an accurate quote.

How It Works

1. Warehousing 101

To fulfill your orders, we need your inventory. Our warehouse in North Jersey is ready to receive shipments from any manufacturing partner you choose.

2. QC for carefree fulfillment

To ensure your product is spick and span, we proof every shipment with a rigorous AQL standard.

3. Forklifts, at your mark

We palletize your inventory to match your retailer's unique distribution requirements.

4. Product on the move

With the help of our vetted trucking partners, we get your product wherever it needs to go, fast.

3 reasons we're the 3PL for you

Crystal-clear billing structure with no hidden fees
Automated software reporting paired with a dedicated account executive
99+% fulfillment success rate so your customers keep coming back*
*Fulfillment success rate measures percentage of orders that are fulfilled accurately and ship on time within SLA

We’ve got answers.

Our Logistics Experts are on call if you need a dose of quality fulfillment advice. Schedule your free consultation today.

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